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Friday, 1 February 2013

Google New Zebra Update 2013:Google New Social Media Update 2013:Upcomming Google New Zebra Update Coming Soon - A fake or Reality?

This time is best for Seo or  not its says very hard bcoz google continuous working with great search result and better information so While google update continuous make new algorithm. google already run two algorithm - Google Panda and Google Penguin. all webmaster were busy or  keeping tracking or a checks the changes of the google results continuously  another bad news for SEO masters or internet marketing experts or who work with major search engine (Google) is here or coming Soon. after few time wait bcoz google plan to launch the new algorithm With suggest name - Google’s new Zebra Update. this update is not  Focus or Work for unused or unless or duplicate content or Webspaming Work or Data Refresh strategy ya you only says "Black Hat Seo Tricks or Technology ". Google’s new Zebra Update focus or attack only Social Media like ,, , and So On.  

We have heard the rumours flying about Google’s new Zebra Update. The Zebra update is rumored to ATTACK social media. We all know that Google’s Panda was hitting on site elements, and the Penguin as we all recall targeted on off site issues.A close rumored source claims that the new Zebra Update will be attacking the Social Media Marketers. I have started a damage control on sites I market already, strategically thinking what, when and where they could hit and here is what I recommend, based on valuable rumored source.

What Will Google Zebra Update Target or Aim ?

Zebra is going to town on social… I believe that the update will focus on Twitter by doing the following.  The update may focus on too many retweets with keywords around the link.  I have always been a forward thinker and have never spammed like this, it is all original content, same with my custom created video, content and linking.

Moving along, next rumor has it the Zebra Update will be targeting Facebook, and why shouldn’t they? rumor is that Facebook updates with too many shares from people not in your industry will be targeted.

Lets be honest people, anyone that owns a Pinterest page that market are only using these for SEO benefit, such as Branding as well do we not?

Google doesn’t want its own property to be spammed by masters. So, Google+ is next on the list. or Furthermore, rumored speculation is that any Google+ shares as this will look spammy (Google+ is a graveyard right, so any activity looks suspicious?!)

If you’ve been creating great content which may be being shared extensively by people on the web, some of which might not be bloggers in your niche, then start looking over your shoulder.  Google does not want anyone messing with their rankings and twitter is a graveyard for spammers, you know who you are. Anyone out there that is tweeting link after link by trying to build your companies brand, you may want to rethink the initiatives. Remember no matter what, in the end content is king and always has been. All rumor aside, we marketers know what is coming down the pike, and it is never too early to start with damage control, either do it the right way, or clean it up now. In the end I hope this rumor is incorrect, but you can not help but to agree with everything I am passing along to you fellow marketers.
It’s time the social web started cleaning itself up, The Zebra Update is coming…
Since there’s no official announcement from the Google, you need not worry for the time being.  But one thing is clear; Google seems to be seriously concerned about its ranking. And if zebra is coming to our town, it’s going to be a tough time dealing with him.
What to do now? All you can do is pray that this is not happening anytime soon.

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